VideoEngager Integration and Plugins


VideoEngager is a powerful video chat software  for website customer engagement and retention. With awesome features, mobile native applications and support, outstanding usability and easy-to-use interface we are putting the power in your hands, no matter if you are a small, mid-level or enterprise business.

Numerous online businesses use VideoEngager everyday to communicate with web visitors and shoppers in real-time, showing their merchandise and building a unique long-lasting relationship. Adding VideoEngager’s software to your existing website is easy and takes a few minutes.

WordPress Integration

Add our WordPress plugin to your WordPress site in just one click and start receiving chats and video calls from your visitors.


HTML website

Add a few lines of a JavaScript code to your HTML website and get started in less than 5 minutes.

Google Chrome Extension

Are you using Google Chrome for your business? Now, add VideoEngager’s video chat extension to your browser with just a click. Instant setup! Receive notifications, even if you are not logged into the dashboard.


Facebook Integration


eBay Integration


VideoEngager Ebay Integration

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