Powerful Dashboard

Manage your customer interactions in one place

VideoEngager allows you to monitor in real-time who is browsing your website and which pages or products are being researched.

One or two way video communication

Add a human element into your online business!

Your customers will be able to see you and/or the product you are selling, however they have the option to stay anonymous.

VideoEnagaer dashboard

Live Chat

Instantly start a conversation with your shoppers via chat

Whenever shoppers approach you, they can chat with you. Our chat solution integrates on websites, mobile sites, landing pages and social media. You can receive notifications of incoming chat messages on any device.

iOS and Android native applications

Instantly respond to customer inquires directly from your smartphone

Taking a video call from any device is as simple as answering your phone. Eliminate distance boundaries. Show your physical products in real-time instantly directly from your smartphone to your remote customers.

All you need is the free iOS or Android application of VideoEngager. Use the back camera any time to show your web visitors every detail of any product on live video.

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Mobile Phones with Camera
Call Routing

Video Call Routing

Powerful options for routing a video call

  • Call Routing Standard (simultaneous ringing) – the video call rings all sales representatives and the first to answer, gets the call.
  • Round robin – the call goes sequentially following a predefined sequence of sales representatives until it gets answered.
  • Single point of contact – the call goes to a predetermined “online manager” – coming soon
  • Call stickiness – the system remembers if a buyer talked to a particular sales representative and routes follow up calls to the same person – coming soon

CRM Integration

Automatically bring lead data into your existing CRM

VideoEngager has the ability to push customer information to a Customer Relationship Management System, so every call is captured as a lead. Currently we support all major CRM’s and our team is welcoms customization requests.


Mobile SDK

Why limit yourself to chat? Easily include video calling in your existing apps

For e-commerce companies with a mobile application, VideoEngager provides mobile SDKs for iOS and Android. The SDKs can be used to integrate video calling functionality in e-commerce mobile applications in a similar way it is done on e-commerce websites.