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VideoEngager for Genesys – Live video interactions made simple!



VideoEngager for Genesys allows for customer – agent escalation from chat, email, voice, SMS, and social media to live, interactive video chat that enhances the customer experience. Customers and agents are able to interact using best in class audio and video technology on any device, on any internet connection, using any desktop or mobile browsing application.

VideoEngager is compatible with both Genesys Engage and Genesys Cloud.

Мobile SDK


Easily integrate live video interactions into your existing iOS or Android application with our mobile SDK.


Designed to fit your business needs


Companies can utilize video calling in their Genesys environment in three different scenarios, that can be initiated by both agent and consumer:

  • Click to video call 
  • Scheduled video call appointment
  • Escalation from chat or voice to video call


No plug-ins, just a link

Easily connect with a customer through live video chat on any platform and with no installation

High quality audio and video calls

Using the latest audio and video codecs, SmartVideo delivers crystal clear video quality

Screen Sharing

Application or screen sharing allows a customer to quickly visualize their problem to the agent or for the agent to present a more efficient solution to the customer visually

Video call recording

Integrated with Genesys Cloud feature/functionality that leverages Google Cloud versatility.

Works on all browsers and mobile

All browsers are supported - Chrome, Firefox, Opera, MS Edge and MS IE, as well as iOS and Android browsers. Native mobile apps are available for internal company use by the agents

Intuitive and easy to use

SmartVideo is easy to setup and use directly from Genesys Cloud or Genesys Engage. Escalation to a live video call between the customer-agent occurs with the click of a video call ico